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Skateboard Suitcase Xsd-ss-e

Skateboard Suitcase Xsd-ss-e
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After you have identified the size of your suitcase, the next thing you need to introduce is the material of your suitcase. The material is directly determined by its applicability, and most travel cases are clearly marked with their main material when they are sold. If you can understand the different materials to bring the different performance, will also bring great convenience to purchase.

The suitcase is divided according to the material, the travel box is usually divided into hard box and soft box, this is also in the purchase when we often can see the information of the merchant. Most of the hard box with high temperature, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, waterproof, compressive characteristics, the hard shell material can protect the content from extrusion and impact, the disadvantage is relatively fixed capacity, soft box can give users a flexible use of space, and most of the quality of light, strong toughness.

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