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Skateboard Suitcase Xsd-ss-f Black

Skateboard Suitcase Xsd-ss-f Black
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PC Material Travel Box

  PC material, the main characteristic is light, the surface is more flexible, firmness, although feel soft feeling is not strong, but actually is very flexible, the general adult standing on the above are no problems, cleaning more convenient.

The advantages of the suitcase:


1, PC Trolley Box Light Quality

of the same sizeTrolley box, PC Trolley box than ABS trolley box, abs+pc trolley box is much lighter!

2, PC Trolley box with high strength elasticity

PC impact resistance than the ABS high 40%,abs rod box after the shock, the box surface will appear creases or even directly burst, and the PC box in the shock, the SAG can gradually rebound back to the prototype. Because of this,PC MaterialAlso selected as the main material of the aircraft cabin cover, it's light to solve the weight-bearing problem, toughness of the aircraft to improve impact performance.

3, PC Trolley box to adapt to the temperature

PC can withstand temperature:-40 degree ~130 degree, has the very high heat resistance, the embrittlement temperature reaches 100 ℃.

4. High transparency of PC trolley box

PC transparency up to 90%, can be free to dye, which is the PC trolley box fashionable and beautiful reasons.

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