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Rod-Skate-boarding three and one of the bags

编辑: Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Xin is as deep as the present new products, it is Chira Rod boxes, backpacks, Skate lane in one of the new products. Urban white-collar workers commute by Metro bus, solution platform to companies and travel the last mile home, as well as business travel and carrying school bags, not only to meet the recreational, but also for all functional requirements to meet. Users can select when to use bags, hanging on the frame, slide open frame without self carrying heavy baggage, make travel more comfortable,

If the backpack is not a strong case, users under backpacks can be removed from the frame, back on his shoulders, using slide frame, allowing users to have more selective, since has even more full of personality. When the road is not suitable for taxiing, can fold up the frame, and Kurt can be used when the trolley, luggage is also a very easy thing.


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