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The lever, the wheel material

编辑: Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Trolley Trolley it is now generally are built in, so stability will be stronger, inconvenience occurs when the lever on the external load, and is very easy to damage, has been largely eliminated by the mainstream of the times. In may cases, we also began to observe the inner tube color is black, you may iron pipes. If it is white, may have aluminum tubes, our choice in favor of steel, this had the levers to withstand pressure, Hold a variety of scenes.
When the test rod, be sure to test more than once lock button, press should be retractable, there is a sense of smooth lubrication, we might see some expert in the trolley case can make all kinds of difficult terrain shape switch, is absolutely impossible without a good lever for this change. Lever out of the test after stability, a lot of the architecture of the airport and the train station full of stairs, up and down the lever operation balance is very high, it must be noted that judge. Also drew attention to the trolley handle, rigid plastic material or give up, very poor durability, also have to choose a soft hand, feel better.

Is consumed on the trolley case of the most serious parts of the wheel, the quality must be excellent. When we measure must pull, good wheels is very little voice, the smaller the better. In addition to the voice, the diameter of the wheel is also crucial, if your luggage has a large diameter wheels will definitely make you a lot, and large-diameter wheels have to stand the test of time and wear. It is worth mentioning that, now tend to have two sets of trolley wheels directional wheel or four wheel casters.

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