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Box lock-chamber-scale introduction of the Wai

编辑: Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Lock boxes
Rod boxes, after all, is more personal items, privacy and security is very important. In test box lock of when, free combination several group digital for test can, here main is to see digital round of positioning accuracy, like you of password is 277, if positioning no in 287 this location can open words, will will to you of out life brings many troubles, so must to confirmed box lock of positioning accurate, and set of password also must if himself familiar of.
The inner room
Buy luggage and not just looking at a good room to make your luggage more well-rounded. If your luggage usually need a suit or notebook or something. Please observe that the product is specially designed for this kind of compartment. In suit, for example, proprietary suit compartment will make you more convenient to bring suit, and guarantee the suit flat. In the design of Interior, don't suggest that you choose to use a lot of zip, because this design if the box is not full, and in the process of shipping, zip joints are easily damaged, it is recommended that multiple select socket type. Interior fabrics are also important, of course, a hardwearing material is your first choice, don't let your luggage-making piece.

Telescopic wall

Trolley in interior design, there are no telescopic wall for users is always, although you can spend a lifetime not to expand it, but one day soon the trolley full of situations do occur, you will be very grateful that the luggage with telescopic wall danger are words of wisdom.

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