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Skateboard trolley luggage in comfort and style

编辑:Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Skateboard bags, fashion as a new means of transport, so that traditional luggage has "never before seen Skate features and stylish elements" complete skateboard and eat bags breakthrough will lead the traditional bags into The new trend.

Skateboard bags, is Chira Rod boxes, backpacks, Skate lane in one of the stylish new products. Skateboard bags is both a trolley and a scooter. By a key switch system, can be easily folded in box rear slide down, become a luggage Scooter, user can slide together with a heavy suitcase, after reaching the destination, and one-button up skateboarding, become a regular trolley case. Is not only a practical bag skateboard, is the new choice for fashion and high quality of life. It can be free to select the bag type, color, anytime, complete trolley to slide morph, optional steering, braking, and easily took the subway, airplane, allowing users to travel is no longer a burden. Safe, comfortable and stylish new plaything. With innovative design, power systems and subversive idea, never seen before giving bags fashion experience.

Xin industrial deep ground-breaking one-touch folding system, can be easily folded in box rear slide down, become a luggage scooter can also be a key to skateboard down, become a regular trolley case. Allow users in different circumstances, depending on demand, free to choose.

In addition, Xin deep industry and trade also invented the bag suspension system, through the slots of the body, allowing free exchange bags of different styles, colors, and meet the ever-changing tastes of users.

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