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Hard shell suitcase and cabin under the shell is divided into soft shell suitcase

编辑:Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Early boot is made of timber or other heavy material, with the popularity of air travel, luggage materials tends to be more lightweight hard plastic or cloth. Most of the models with built-in small wheels, levers that are available to facilitate pulling, Xin cabin there are 4 small round deep trunk, in addition to the 360 degree rotation of the outer, Plains can easily easily promoted.

In addition, the trunk can also shell into a hard shell luggage suitcase and soft shell. Hard shell suitcases fell, suitable for luggage that need better protection. Soft shell suitcase weight is usually hard shell suitcases light, volume are much more flexible. However, soft shell boot zipper position more likely to explode because it objects to much.


Bag is based on the relatively new material, is also a popular fashion materials and features compared to other materials, lighter, more flexible, rigid, impact resistance and better protect the goods, although touching the soft feel flimsy, but is actually quite flexible and stand on it is no problem for adults in General, cleaning easier.

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