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Travel we want to pack suitcases

编辑:Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

Travel our travel box


Suitcases and travel bags, as the name suggests refers to prepare a package for travel or tourism. Is leaving home to travel, or work or tour, or when engaged in nature, enjoying the sunshine and rain, can be everyday or around for anything up to convenient and easy to carry a package. Luggage can be divided into backpacks, bags and hauling bags. On selection, taking into account the volume and style, and should also take into account the user's body and shape and weight-bearing capacity, and other factors.

Backpack, though back comfortable very quickly. But too many things are too tired, going out is easy, happy trip, our luggage, travel is your best choice. Our bags can bring you all the items you need, don't have to worry about is too heavy, too much inconvenience, our trolley travel bags, allowing you to relax with your luggage.


Suitcase after use always contaminated soil, dust, sweat, recommended dry soft brush to clear backpack coat of dust, use wet cloth to wipe stains easily be contaminated on the surface of fabric. Then rinse with water, if oil is best to use a neutral detergent liquid, if you judge the solution properties, you can use the shower gel or shampoo instead. And washed, dried in the shade, don't take in sun exposure, UV easily causes hardening of the fibers brittle. When it is not completely dry, backpack surface damage of waterproofing coatings are sprayed with splash-proof agent for professional maintenance of good time, spraying out professional outdoor waterproof agent, you anti-splashing and the suitcase, and as good as new!



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