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Bags are fine quality solid bags

编辑:Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-04-06

An overview of any luggage, as long as these elements there is no error, then this is the bag of fine quality solid package.

Surface: flat, smooth, no joints other than design, there is no bubble, no naked edges.

In: whether it is the choice of fabric or leather, the color should be coordinated with the package. More lining the joints and pins should be fine, should not be too large.

Strap: an important part of the package, and most easily damaged parts. To check whether the harness stitching, crack, look back

Belts and body connection is strong. All kinds of bags to note straps, backpackers would pay more attention to the band and the weight and solidity, pick and pay special attention to.

Hardware: external ornaments as a package, there is the finishing touch. When you select a package, hardware, work should be very aware of the shape, such as Golden hardware, be sure to inquire about to fade. Like luggage, cosmetics cases, handle bag, should pay attention to it.

Thread: any cables still stretch sewing bag, the length of the pin should be uniform, and there are no threads exposed, pay attention to the stitching is free of wrinkles, lines are here, see where cable will cause cracking.

Gel: when you select a package, be sure to drag the parts, adhesive bond strong. Especially some of the more fashionable bag, model looks, dot the excellent, it will attract people's attention, but engagement is not very strong if the decorations, then lost its characteristics.

Zip: around line is taut and engaging nature. In particular, some key bag, cosmetic bag, storage bag of hard things, more pay more attention.

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