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Electric-driven skateboard bags make people scream big vomiting blood

编辑:Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  时间:2016-05-23

Nowadays, backpack for people has become a habit in life, especially for is for the majority of women, work, go out shopping is trivia, a stylish bag on his back is a normal thing. However, the back countless bags of you heard bags can turn into electric-driven skateboard ride instead of tools?

Believe friends heard this news certainly surprised to the incoherent, screaming to vomiting blood. In fact, it is hardly surprising that, after all, in today's scientific and technological circles, all kinds of strange dark hard never stopped bombing, relatively speaking, this bag: body panels block has a surprise.

On the face of it, this electric-driven skateboard bags, exterior and ordinary bags style no doubt. The only difference was a pair of pulleys appears at the bottom of your backpack, but their unique in bags hidden on the back of a skateboard, simply pull out, it can be transformed into electric-driven skateboards, it sounds incredible, but it is what it is, really.

But also much more than that, behind the speed of electric-driven skateboards can be extraordinary, and can travel at up to 24 kilometres per hour, it seems, used as a means of transport no problem and can also Skate away after use, place and don't have to worry about not his problem.

However, if you do not want to be skateboarding used, doesn't matter. The bottom pulley, so as long as the top of the Backpack by the arm and pulled, can turn into a trailer, you can save a lot of effort.

In addition, it also has super intelligence, after linking with mobile phones via Bluetooth, skateboards can be controlled in their side, the built-in positioning feature lets you clear backpack position. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the basic USB charging function, this package also supports the Wireless charging through to charge mobile phones, tablets, computers and other products, is very convenient.



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